Steel Shot Works (SSW)

-is the exclusive manufacturer and firsthand seller of cast steel shot and steel grit in Ukraine.Project, production and installation of the works with the subsequent adjustment of equipment was made by French company “Wheelabrator Allevard” and therefore, our plant produces steel shot and steel grit of perfect quality, but with acceptable price, since we do not have inflated corporate costs, as our distinguished competitors Ervin, Sinto and WINOA. Section “History” will disclose a secret of our unique production technology in details. We pay your attention, that at all times STEEL SHOT WORKS is absolutely independent from WINOA (formerly W Abrasives or “Wheelabrator Allevard”). Production facilities of our plant allow producing of 30 000 tons of steel shot and steel grit per year. Actual staff - 250 persons, that assures complete independence of Steel Shot Works, because we have specialized repair, construction, electrotechnical, energy services as well as scrap processing area and other support services. This highly specialized infrastructure allows achieving maximum productivity and superior adaptability to market conditions, while the dense concentration of technological units and complete automation of the production process allows minimizing costs and making the products with obvious competitive advantages while evaluating by “price-quality” correlation. Territory of the factory is 58 000 square meters, with about 9000 square meters occupied by industrial buildings.

 Our factory on a satellite map

Our production

Steel shot is produced by granulation of liquid steel by means of advanced (know-how) method in the medium of protective gas, enabling to produce steel shot with maximum spherical surface and integrity, but with minimum waste of alloying elements in order to give the best operation properties to steel shot, produced by Steel Shot Works.

Steel grit is produced by crushing of the large grades of steel shot in the crushers with special technological screenings and heat treatment operations depending on the field of application of steel grit (steel construction or granite cutting, or pipe industry, or foundry production etc).

    Due to the stable technological regimes from pouring to heat treatment (regime of quenching, low-, middle- or high-temperature tempering) steel shot is produced with the hardness required by the customer фnd is provided:
  • Maximum abrasiveness of steel shot, which easily achieves surface cleanliness SA3 according to ISO 8501-1;
  • Minimum processing time due to the high abrasiveness (reduction of energy consumption, economy of the working hours spent for repair of shot-blasting machine, filters economy etc.);
  • High durability of steel shot (10-20% higher than the norm of Ervin Test);
  • Homogeneous roughness of the treated surface;
  • Stable peening according to the requirement of the customer;
  • Minimum consumption at maximum speed of granite cutting (1,8 kg/m3 with speed 35 mm/hour).


Legal address:
Ukraine, 93404, Luhansk region, Severodonetsk, Energetics str., 8
+38 (044) 3335425
Viktor Polozhiy
Vice-Director of Sales:
Darya Rabochaya:
Chief of Purchasing Department:
Oleg Sendetskiy
Vice-Director in Common Activities:
Oleg Telnoy:
Quality certificate:
ISO 9001:2008
Manufacturer and seller of cast steel shot and steel grit in Ukraine.