The laboratory of our factory is certified by Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine and it is equipped with all necessary equipment for thorough assessment of the quality of steel shot and steel grit produced in accordance with the operating international standards.
Besides the obligatory examinations of:
  • sieve analysis;
  • evaluation of chemical composition of melt with the help of spectrometer;
  • evaluation of chemical composition of ready-made steel;
  • testing of steel shot and steel grit for presence of defects;
the assessment of quality of steel shot and steel grit by means of analytical methods is performed. That is:
  • colorimetric;
  • photoelectrocolorimetric;
  • titrimetric;
  • coulometric.
Available Express Analyzer of Carbon contents allows instant identifying of carburization degree in the melt or in the granule that have passed one of the production cycles. Owing to high demands of customers in stone cutting, construction and pipe industries to the hardness of produced abrasives within very narrow ranges, our laboratory was equipped, besides the hardness testers Shimadzu and Tucon with the additional up-to-date microhardness tester produced by the Austrian company Emco-Test, with the capacity of automatic systematization and archiving of data into electronic databases of quality management.

Obligatory stages are quality assessment after each production stage, in order to identify and exclude rejects from production line:

  • defectoscopy (presence of voids, shrinkage, cracks, shape deviations);
  • density measurin;
  • hardness measuring;
  • evaluation of microstructure;
  • chemical composition analysis.

Thus, manufactured products are tested at each production stage and in case of detection of non-compliance the immediate measures are taken for withdrawal of defective abrasive from production line and its further utilization. The laboratory is also equipped with own research equipment: muffle laboratory furnaces, Straube machines for durability measuring, and other equipment.