Steel Shot Works has completely autonomous production with absolutely independent communications, including telecommunication facilities, electricity, gas and water networks:

  • Finished goods warehouse is equipped with the site for packing into small bags. By means of new automatic packing line shot and grit is packed into the most popular type of packing – 40 plastic bags of 25 kg each, put into cardboard box, wrapped with plastic film, placed on wooden pallet. The site is equipped with vibration exciter, heat shrinkage equipment, and other equipment for production of reliable and aesthetic packing.
  • The works has all necessary services and stuff for carrying out of scheduled repairs and heavy overhaul repairs of all aggregates by its own efforts, that guaranties that the equipment is always in the state of maximum production capacity and secures the rhythmical uninterrupted production. Above listed mechanical, electrical, refractory and other secondary services have their own production sites and equipped workshops for complete fulfillment of any inquiries from production.
  • The project of the factory is compact to the maximum and the whole production cycle is automated; continuous flow of steel shot and steel grit between the aggregates is carried out by means of the large group of elevators and conveyers with band, screw or vibro supply.
  • The works is equipped with its own closed technological water supply system with separately standing water pump station, cooling towers and sedimentation tanks for usage of water in closed cycle in accordance with ecological norms and economy of production process
  • Each technological unit has its own dust collecting system, that allows producing clean and corrosion resistant abrasive material. This dust collection system is unique for metallurgical industry, as it occupies about 30% of all metal constructions.

  • Charging division has sorting sectors, cutting area, area of reception and weighting of incoming raw materials on platform scales truck and by railway carriage norms. This division is equipped with electronic weight bin and bridge cranes with electromagnetic and grab lifts.

  • Melting division provides smelting of steel by 2 electric arc furnaces, where progressive methods of smelting, deslagging to achieve stable chemical composition were implemented, and where original technology of granulation of pouring steel is used, which allows to get the best continuity of granules with minimal loss of alloying elements. Division is served by a bridge crane and electronic weight bin, and also is added with its own closed process water supply system.

  • Heat treatment division is equipped by drying furnaces, screens of technological sieving of steel shot for programming individual regimes of thermal treatment depending on the grade, and also with aggregates of thermal treatment: second hardening for achieving homogeneous martensite structure with subsequent tempering to obtain the best performance features of abrasive. The aisle of the division is served by bridge crane with main and secondary lifts. Division has stations of process screening and station of final screening to get and accumulate finished commodities.

  • Crushing and grit screening division is equipped with biconical ball crushers, that allows crushing of any grade of shot with high productivity and with getting of maximum sharp grit edges to apply excellent abrasive features. After crushing grit is transported to grit screening area, which is equipped with the group of sequential vibrosieves. Feeding and crushing process as well as subsequent screening is also automated. This division is communicatively connected to heat treatment division with a purpose of imparting individual mechanical properties to abrasives in accordance with customer’s order.